Events are easier if your guests and service providers are only where they really should be.

Accreditation - easily manage access authorizations

The organization and administration of event areas often determines the success of events.

Make sure that event processes run smoothly

Access control or accreditation solutions from cards-x.


Plan, organize and manage access areas.

Accreditation creates a high level of comfort and security during your event by simplifying processes and providing orientation.

Define access rights for different areas and roles such as: guests, media, athletes, artists, VIP, service providers, staff etc. and thus ensure that the event runs properly.

The accreditation applications are easily made online or directly on site, without much effort.

Save time and resources.

A role must be assigned to all participants in an event. Our accreditation system enables you to quickly, easily record, manage and release all the data you need.

And after each event is different, your event processes can be individually and easily adapted with our system.