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Printed plastic cards for all requirements

We deliver and produce cards according to ISO standards with all the options you want


Maps characteristics


  • ISO standard 7810

  • Offset, digital offset, screen printing

  • Different materials

  • Glossy or matte lamination

  • With and without technology

  • Finishing

  • Security features

  • personalization

Printing process


Plastic cards are produced in a multi-layer structure. Here the white core foils are printed and covered with a transparent overlay and laminated under heat / pressure. This creates scratch-resistant surfaces that are well protected and ensure a long shelf life.


Offset: The offset printing process used mainly uses the 4-color set according to the Euroscale. Special colors are printed according to HKS or Pantone. Offset printing offers the highest quality printing for plastic cards.


Digital offset: With the digital offset process, printing plates are no longer required and it is particularly suitable for small quantities or with many different layouts. In terms of quality, digital offset printing is comparable to normal offset printing. The digital offset makes you more flexible and has shorter delivery times.


Screen printing: The screen printing process is used for rich monochrome prints and also special ones for metallic colors.

Offset and digital offset can be combined with screen printing.



Refinement of the card surface



  • Spot varnish

  • Hotstamp / hot stamping

  • Holograms under overlay

  • Stamp hologram

  • UV printing


Further options


  • Round or elongated holes

  • TRW foil

  • Signed fields

  • Scrach off / scratch off field

  • personalization




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