Contact-based chip cards (cards with contact chip)

Chipkarten, auch Smartcards genannt sind aus der heutigen Zeit nicht mehr wegzudenken und gewinnen immer mehr an Bedeutung.

Chip cards, also called smart cards, have become indispensable in today's world and are becoming increasingly important. There is an integrated circuit in the card body, which has elements for data transmission (storage and processing). This data transmission then takes place either via the contacts on the surface of the card or without contact through electromagnetic fields.


Memory cards
Memory cards only have a memory that can be read or written to. They can be read out using a commercially available reading device. The data can be protected from being read out using a password or PIN (depending on the chip used).


Microprocessor cards
The smart cards have a microprocessor that is connected to a segmented memory (ROM, RAM, EEPROM). They can serve as information or key storage and also offer various secure services, such as encryption, signatures, authentication, etc., microprocessor cards are very flexible and make it possible to integrate different applications on one card (multi-application). They are mostly used in security-intensive applications, such as in the new EC cards.


Hybrid plastic cards
Hybrid cards are cards that contain several storage technologies (e.g. a contact chip and a magnetic stripe) and each store different information.
These cards can often be found in the area of ​​bank cards, for example.


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