Magstripe cards Hico & Loco

Magnetic stripe cards according to ISO / IEC 7811 have a writable magnetic field on the back of the card.

This magnetic stripe is encoded / written with data and read out by special reading devices. A magnetic stripe is divided into different tracks. A total of up to 3 tracks can be on the magnetic stripe.


Tracks 1 and 2 are only specified for read mode (track 1 max. 79 alphanumeric characters. Track 2 max. 40 numeric characters), while the 3rd track can also be written (max. 107 numeric characters).


Magnetic stripe cards are divided into:

  • “HiCo” (2750-4000 Oe (Oerstedt))

  • “LoCo” (300 Oe (Oerstedt))


In contrast to “LoCo” cards, “HiCo” magnetic cards offer greater protection against possible data loss because they are written with a high magnetic field. The main disadvantage of these cards is that the stored data can be changed and manipulated very easily.


Typical areas of application for magnetic stripe cards include:

  • Voucher / gift cards

  • Time registration / employee ID cards

  • Fuel cards

  • Customer cards, etc.


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