Matica plastic card printers combine performance and versatility

when printing on plastic cards.


The card printers are suitable for continuous use, offer a wide range of features, print plastic cards on one and both sides, support various coding options for magnetic stripe cards and contact and contactless RFID cards.


They all have an intelligent ribbon and printing system and make card printing almost a breeze.

Choosing a retransfer card printer offers many advantages over direct card printing.

A better print quality and the possibility to print over the edge of the card (borderless).


cards-x has been supplying retransfer products for 10 years. We're here to walk you through all of the retransfer card printer options available and provide you with the best choice for your application or market.

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Matica Technologies is a world-renowned manufacturer of card printers. They specialize in high resolution retransfer printers, which are very popular with system integrators, service bureaus, and government organizations. Matica printers use extremely high security modules such as laser, lamination and 600 dpi printing.


Why choose a Matica card printer?

Matica printers are known worldwide for their world-class security features. Companies in a wide variety of industries can use their printers to print high resolution ID cards. These can be created with complex visual security elements for increased reliability.

Matica Technologies was founded in Italy in 1992 and is headquartered in Munich. They also have 6 additional global offices in Italy, Singapore, China, India, the US and the United Arab Emirates. Through a global network of trusted distributors, including Cards-X, they supply the market with:

• One of the largest product portfolios of any ID manufacturer on the planet.
• Highly reliable card personalization printers suitable for creating branded ID cards.
• A wide range of printers, from entry-level to professional retransfer models.
• State-of-the-art printing technology for high-resolution, double-sided and over-the-edge ID cards.
What are the most popular Matica printers available?

One of our most popular Matica card printers is the brand new MC310 ID card printer. This versatile direct-to-card model offers superior print quality at an entry-level price.

It also offers a wide range of coding, lamination and communication options. This allows you to print on all types of cards, including contactless chip and magnetic stripe cards.

Matica is known for its extraordinary retransfer printers. The best-selling XID range we have in stock includes our most popular XID8300 retransfer printer. This enables double-sided retransfer printing with 300 dpi.

The printer's ability to print “over the edge” means you can be sure that your ID cards are of the best print quality. A screw-on laminator and coding options can also provide visual security features for cards. This, along with its high output, makes it a great option for service print offices, government and financial organizations.