Matica LCP9660 color laser personalization system

LCP9660 Laser

Enjoy the advantages of high-resolution retransfer printing in combination with the power of a laser engraver and achieve unique security and an extraordinarily high level of protection against counterfeiting for sensitive government documents and corporate ID cards.

Maticas LCP9660 is a state-of-the-art color laser personalization system. This innovative color and fiber laser personalization system produces high-security, full-color, personalized cards in a single pass. The LCP9660 consists of two modules: the MC660 - a high-resolution color retransfer printing module - and the MC-LX - Matica's third-generation desktop laser module. It produces personalized cards that combine crisp images (600 dpi resolution) with high security standards; The extremely high security standard is achieved by a laser process in which information is lasered directly into the card body.


Scalability of the parallel work steps for ID card programs


Sophisticated protection and fast production are particularly important when printing ID cards, which must be absolutely forgery-proof - regardless of whether it is for national ID cards, driver's licenses or other types of proof of identity.

Due to the parallel working steps of the card personalization process, the LCP9660 is also suitable for projects that require special security and efficiency. The inline production and the modular design shorten the production time in the personalization process without reducing quality or safety. In addition, training and production costs can be saved thanks to the simple handling and the minimal maintenance effort.

The LCP9660 system is scalable and can thus meet the constantly changing production needs of our customers individually. Matica knows that every project is unique and therefore offers highly flexible, innovative solutions. This state-of-the-art color and fiber laser personalization system is no exception.

Matica's customers benefit from an uncomplicated upgrade to the LCP9660 and at the same time secure a great advantage through its scalability. Regardless of how big, small or challenging a project is, additional modules are always available for expansion. Adding an MC-L inline lamination module is a perfect example of such an extension.


Unrivaled security elements


Printing cards that are impossible to counterfeit - this gold standard has been the declared goal of recent years. Governments are investing more and more in finding ways to stop counterfeiting ID cards, and this is where the LCP9660 comes in.

Its innovative color engraving solution brings the advantages of sophisticated visual security features with over-the-edge color sublimation retransfer technology - essentially, we are bringing the power of an industrial engraving machine into a desktop format.

In the first step, the print module increases the security level of the cards. Some of the most prominent visual security elements are:


  • Microtext that is hidden in the design of the card and can only be seen with a magnifying glass

  • Print data with ultraviolet printing tape so that authorities can only see information using UV light; this can be achieved with a YMCKUv ribbon

  • New YMCKSc security printing tape to print watermarks with different reflective ink, which increases the number of visual security features on each card.


In the second step, the laser unit provides the card body with personal information, which represents further protection against counterfeiting. This means that any attempt to manipulate data will automatically destroy the entire document.

It is also possible to laser engrave the cards, making them even more secure with Microtext, CLI and MLI, haptic elements, Braille, MRZ, Tru / Window ™ LOCK or LPI® (Laser Protected Image). As an optional upgrade, a laminating module can also attach a transparent or individually designed hologram film for surface protection and for the longer shelf life of the card.

The LCP9660 allows maximum flexibility and is also incredibly cost-effective. It is characterized by the highest quality engravings and an increased production speed - for most materials that are used for both standard and special applications, including PVC and PC, PET and ABS.


MC-LX - Unique desktop laser module


The new, innovative MC-LX desktop laser module uses a sophisticated card transport method, which allows cards to be tilted in all directions so that the laser beam reaches every card area.

A new card transport system called "Scratch-Free", for which the patent is pending, guarantees smooth transport during production. An integrated function for turning and vertical adjustment for "out-of-focus" effects reduces the number of necessary hardware, which means that additional options are practically possible without additional installations. In contrast to previous desktop laser modules, the MC-LX was upgraded without the need to use mirrors or additional hardware to engrave visual security elements such as CLI or MLI.


Main benefits


  • 10W fiber laser, MOPA technology

  • 600 x 600 dpi, duplex printing

  • Extremely reliable

  • Up to 120 cards per hour

  • High-resolution duplex laser marking

  • Can print invisible UV inks and visible inks at the same time



  • Laser security options: CLI / MLI, offset registration, MRZ reading, vacuum system

  • MC-L laminating module (single sided / duplex), one pass

  • Optical reader: 1D / 2D barcode

  • Optical reader: digital camera for OCR recognition

Laser Matica LCP9660