Matica MC310

Desktop DTC card printer

  • 180 cards per hour

  • Very high print quality

  • Security ribbon YMCScKo

  • USB & Ethernet

  • 4 year guarantee

  • Optional lamination module

Matica MC310 Kartendrucker

The new MC310 ID card printer from Matica, reliable and user-friendly, offers high quality color card printing thanks to its 300 dpi resolution. Cards printed with the Matica MC310 impress with vivid colors, pin sharp images and texts, and this over the entire surface of the card.


The MC310, available as a single-sided printer, with an output of up to 225 cards per hour (half-zone / half-panel ribbon), can be used for double-sided printing anytime and anywhere using the "dual-side" activation card, without the need to install additional hardware components.


You can also upgrade your MC310 card printer with several encoding options, such as magnetic stripe encoding and dual-interface encoders (contact / contactless) for smart cards (chip cards).

MC310 left cards open small.png

Technical specifications



Method                                dye sublimation Direct card printing mode

Resolution                           300 x 300 dpi

Speed ​​                                  180 cph

Coding                                 dual interface contact / contactless smart card encoder,

                                              Magnetic stripe encoder according to ISO7811

Card format                         ISO CR80, PVC

Feeder                                 feeder for 100 cards, special feeder

Connectivity                        Ethernet, USB


Printer dimensions

(L x W x H) 255.6 x 202 x 405.4 mm


Main advantages


  • 300 x 300 dpi

  • 4 year guarantee

  • Color and monochrome

  • Very high print quality and reliability




  • Contact-based and / or contactless chip coding

  • Lamination unit

  • Magnetic stripe coding

  • Single wire connectivity

For direct-to-card printing developed for every environment where cards are issued


The Matica MC310 direct-to-card printer, launched in January 2020, offers superior print quality and a full range of encoding, laminating and communication options. Thanks to this versatility, it is the ideal solution for all vertical markets in which cards are issued and where reliable and consistently high quality printing is required. These features make the MC310 the most flexible and reliable platform available for card printing.


What can the MC310 do?


This printer provides the reliable, easy-to-use, high-performance color card printing that is required if you are running a successful card issuing program. This also includes the fast output of over 180 cards per hour when printing on one side and up to 850 cards when printing in black and white. Optional inline magnetic stripe encoding and dual interface encoders for contact / contactless smart cards maximize functionality for a wider range of applications, such as access control, time and attendance, payment services and more.


The MC310 comes with an extensive range of ribbons to meet all vertical card market needs, including YMCScKO ribbons to increase the number of visual security elements (VSE) on cards for security applications.

An excellent choice for all vertical markets.


Additional security options for the MC310 direct-to-card printer


Do you need cards that are more robust and secure? Using the optional, easy-to-install IN-Line MC-L2 lamination module in combination with the MC310 enables cards to be issued that last longer and offer additional protection against counterfeiting.

The MC310 direct-to-card printer is very fast with an output of 180 cards per hour in single-sided color printing and extremely fast with up to 850 cards per hour with black and white printing.


Main benefits

  • 300 x 300 dpi

  • Color and monochrome

  • Very high print quality and reliability


  • Contact and / or contactless chip coding

  • Laminating unit

  • Magnetic stripe coding

  • Single wire connectivity