Matica MC660 cardprinter

Matica MC660 Plastikkartendrucker

The retransfer printer XID8100 is the ideal solution for everyday tasks when personalizing ID cards of all kinds.


Thanks to the retransfer technology, the printer can print at the edge without sacrificing card design and graphic layout. The proven modular concept enables the printer to be retrofitted at any time.


The printer is delivered as a one-sided version as standard, but various additional modules such as a pinball module, a bend remedy module and a selection of encoders can be added if required. A wide range of linear laminating modules can be connected to the printer to further protect the card from mechanical stress or to increase security.



Main benefits

  • 300 x 300 dpi

  • Extremely reliable

  • Up to 100 cards per hour



  • Contact and / or contactless chip coding

  • Laminating unit

  • Duplex printing

  • Magnetic stripe coding

  • Single wire connectivity


Technical specifications


Color sublimation method, thermal transfer

Retransfer mode

300 dpi resolution

Speed ​​100 cph

Coding magnetic stripe, contactless chip

Card format ABS, ISO CR80, PC (polycarbonate), PET, PVC

Feeder for 200 cards

Connectivity Ethernet, USB

Printer dimensions (L x W x H) - 343 x 322 x 360 mm

MC660 YMCKsc.jpg

For demand-oriented and high-quality card creation with remarkable printing results; ideal for offices and authorities, companies and the education system

Since its market launch in June 2019, the Matica EDIsecureTM MC660 retransfer printer has outshone its few competitors - it really doesn't get much better than this. Printing high-quality cards is effortless thanks to its print head with a resolution of 600 dpi. The MC660 can print on any card material, including PVC, PET, polycarbonate and ABS. Even complex images can be reproduced with unprecedented clarity and sharpness as well as in ultra-fine, vivid colors.

What can the MC660 do?

The printer meets your high expectations for demanding printing applications such as complex graphics and layouts that require a high level of detail. In addition, thanks to its remarkable speed, with an output of 170 cards per hour (one-sided color printing), you will certainly not stand up in your stomach.

The MC660 enables an increase in the level of security by printing micro-texts which, in combination with UV tapes and the new security tapes (YMCKS), increase the number of visual security elements (VSE) on each card. In addition, users will appreciate that all encryption options are available.

From an aesthetic point of view, you can expect that the powerful printing system will enable full-surface printing, ie the entire surface of the card will be printed - no ugly gaps or blurring - and the print will reach all the way to the edge. This also applies to uneven card surfaces, for example when printing contact and contactless chip cards.


An excellent choice for government agencies, government agencies, businesses and education.

Easy to integrate and loved by users

The MC660 follows the MDM architecture (Matica Desktop Module) and can be combined with various modules (laminators, laser engravers, desktop printers) to achieve a scalable solution that grows with the requirements of the customers and at the same time secures their investments. A glance at the short edge of the card path is sufficient: The printer can also be expanded with additional modules from third-party providers.


Aside from its performance, the MC660 is reliable and easy to use, making it an absolute favorite with card issuers who want smooth operations. The feed magazine based on a cassette with a capacity of 250 cards, for example, was specially designed for user-friendly operation and is therefore conveniently located on top of the printer.