Matica XID8100 plastic card printer

Matica XID8100 Kartendrucker

Due to the retransfer technology, the printer can print seamlessly without compromising the card design and graphic layout. The proven modular concept enables the printer to be retrofitted at any time.


The printer is delivered in a single-sided version as standard, but various additional modules such as a pinball module, a bend remedy module and a selection of encoders can be added if required. A large selection of linear lamination modules to further protect the card from mechanical loads or to increase security can be connected to the printer.



Main advantages

  • 300 x 300 dpi

  • Bend remedy Optional

  • Extremely reliable

  • Up to 100 cards per hour

  • Duplex printing Optional

  • Electronic key locks

  • Highest print quality and reliability



  • Contact-based and / or contactless chip coding

  • Lamination unit

  • Magnetic stripe coding


Technical specifications


Method of dye sublimation, thermal transfer

Retransfer mode

Resolution 300 dpi

Speed ​​100 cph

Coding magnetic stripe, contactless chip

Card format ABS, ISO CR80, PC (polycarbonate), PET, PVC

Feed for 200 cards

Connectivity Ethernet, USB