Employee & official ID cards

Companies must be able to identify their employees in the building in order to have an overview at all times and to guarantee security.


With the right software and an ID printer , you can easily get yours

Create an employee ID card or official ID card.


The easiest way to do this is with an employee ID card. The options range from ID cards without coding to multi-modal cards with two interfaces. For this, cards-x offers a variety of personalization options in its portfolio, which can be adapted to all individual requirements.


cards-x offers what companies need for employee ID cards:

  • Plastic card printers from all brand manufacturers

  • Individual complete systems with card printing software and digital camera

  • Ribbons for all card printers

  • Blank cards, chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, RFID cards

  • printed cards for subsequent personalization

  • Card printing software for in-house development of the card layout

  • Card printing in the service including personalization

  • Development of layouts and designs of plastic cards by our own employees

  • Repair service

  • Loan service

  • ID accessories such as lanyards and card sleeves

cards-x offers what companies need for employee ID cards: