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Card printers for plastic cards are available in many different configurations ... single-sided / double-sided printing, thermal sublimation or re-transfer, different coding options and much more.


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We offer you ID printers from the manufacturers Matica , Entrust Datacard, Zebra , Hiti, Magicard , Evolis and Fargo .

Which card printer suits me?

Zebra entry level ID card printers

Inexpensive entry

If you are on a budget and have a simple card design, these card printers are the perfect choice.

Matica Popular ID card printers

Midrange models

These are our best-selling card printers in Europe. Perfect for printing 100 to 2000 cards per year.


High professional

Developed for card printing in the highest quality and / or in large quantities plus optional high security functions.

Here you will find all card printers from our manufacturers

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How do I find the right card printer?

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Single-sided or double-sided card printer?

When choosing your new card printer, it is important to think about the card design and what to print on the front and back of your ID.

With single-sided card printers, you can only print on one side of the card. This is a popular option for anyone using their ID card printer to personalize a preprinted card that may already have text or logos printed on the side.

Double-sided card printers give you more flexibility to add more data on both sides of your ID card. Most card printers allow you to upgrade to double-sided printing so that you can always upgrade your plastic card printer at a later date.

Print speed

All card printer models differ in the printing speed offered. The speed of the card printer depends on many factors, such as whether you are on

want to print one or both sides of the card.

If you are printing full color, field, or black and white, the printer speed will vary. It is important that you consider how many cards you need to print in a day, week, year, or peak season like a registration deadline or membership card renewal.

You may not need the fastest card printer if you only print a few badges a day. However, a faster card printer can make a big difference in peak hours for you.

Security features

Did you know that most badge printers come with built-in security features? The level of VSE (visual security elements) can vary from a simple watermark or UV printing to a highly secure multi-level holographic laminate film. This is a feature that you often find on identification documents like passports and driver's licenses.

The lamination functions are either already integrated in your card printer or available as a separate hardware option. The most affordable security features are those built into the supplies that are used to print your cards. This is a static or variable watermark and / or UV printing.

Full-surface thermal sublimation versus full-surface re-transfer printing

With edge-to-edge printing (Thermosub.) A slight white line remains as a border when printing over the entire surface. This is a limitation of this printing technology, but very minor with the most modern card printers on the market. Edge-to-edge card printers are also known as direct-to-card printers.

Over The Edge printing (re-transfer) is a printing process that can only be carried out with retransfer card printer technology and does not leave any white lines / borders on the ID card. Retransfer card printers are also known as high-resolution card printers. Due to the two-step printing process, you get a much better print quality than with the direct card printers.