Protection against counterfeiting - student ID cards


Personalized and above all forgery-proof student ID cards are becoming increasingly popular in all types of schools. Not only the longer shelf life of plastic cards, but above all an increased protection against counterfeiting prompt schools and authorities to switch to plastic cards. For optimal protection, you can use a wide variety of security features such as barcodes, chips or RFID.

We look after several schools across the country with different challenges. Whether it is complete printing systems for card creation directly on site or the printing of pre-made cards, we offer perfect solutions and oversee our projects.

cards-x offers what you need:

  • Plastic card printers from all brand manufacturers

  • Individual complete systems with card printing software and digital camera

  • Ribbons for all card printers

  • Blank cards, chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, RFID cards

  • Pre-printed cards for subsequent personalization