Special format cards - for your event, tournament or conference

cards-x offers you a variety of plastic cards in special formats and also supplies the associated software and personalization solutions.


In addition to the standard ISO ID-1 format plastic cards (ISO / IEC 7810), which corresponds to a format of 85.60 mm x 53.98 mm x 0.76 mm (+/- 10%), our key tags and combo Cards, we can deliver the following special formats (large format) at short notice:


  • 98mm x 54mm

  • 128mm x 54mm

  • 124mm x 85.60mm (X-Large)

  • 124mm x 88mm

  • 125mm x 88mm (ID-3 / DIN B7)

  • 140mm x 88mm

  • 140mm x 88mm (Zebra ZC10L)

  • 140mm x 90mm INKJET (Swiftcolor SCC-4000D)



These card formats are particularly popular in the event sector, at conferences, music and sporting events (concerts, sports clubs, tennis tournaments, cycling races, marathons, air shows, motor sport events, and much more). All formats can also be supplied with an RFID chip.


On request, we can also produce the cards according to your individual requirements.


This requires the production of a new punching tool, which we can offer you inexpensively.


85,60 mm

124 mm

124 mm

85,60 mm

140 x 54 mm

140 x 54 mm

128 x 54 mm

105 x 75 mm

124 x 85.60 mm

Matica XL8300

124 x 88 mm

98 x 66 mm


140 x 88 mm

Zebra ZC10L Kartendrucker

140 x 90 mm

148 x 105 mm





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