for companies and

A system for effective contact tracing within companies and public institutions.

With transponder technology, all critical contacts within predefined rooms / areas are recorded and saved. If necessary, the information can be specifically evaluated. The system is intended to help those responsible in the event of infection to quickly identify and protect people who may be at risk. By a
reliable data, far-reaching quarantine measures can possibly be averted.

Taking responsibility in times of crisis

Without an available vaccine, protection against COVID-19 infections remains an enormous challenge for the economy and society. Companies, public and private institutions ensure that their employees are protected.
At the same time, there is a legitimate interest in getting back to a regular operating sequence as quickly as possible. In the event of infection, the consistent follow-up of contacts from the past few days is the most important element in order to
prevent uncontrolled virus spread. Whether at work, school or nursing home: Wherever a defined group of people is always in the same room, the installation of your own tracing system is recommended, which can be easily integrated into everyday life and which delivers fast, reliable results in an emergency.


The in-house tracing solution

Only when farm managers are able to independently record and evaluate contacts can they make reliable statements about contact persons. In the event of infection, quick action is required with regard to health protection and personnel planning. Automatically recorded data from the last few days are particularly valuable here:

▬ Who was in the same room with the infected person for a long time?
▬ Who had no contact with the infected person?
▬ Have shift schedules or work areas overlapped as planned?
▬ Have employees from other departments entered the sensitive area?
▬ Do external visitors have to be notified?

The basic requirement for reliable data is that all relevant contacts have been recorded. For this, employees and external parties must be able to use a tracing system without technical effort and without "incorrect operation".

This is exactly where TAVI, "Transponder Against Virus Infection", comes in. The system automatically records and archives contacts in critical areas. In this way, operators can reconstruct who was in the same room with whom at what time. TAVI uses UHF transponder technology for this. This has the great advantage that it works without user intervention. Will
Carrying a feather-light transponder with you has already done everything right.


Advantages of the TAVI system ...

for the operator

+ The system can be used quickly. You will receive the desired hardware within a few days of ordering
+ The installation of the track boxes is very easy and you do it yourself. No external technician needs to enter the facility
+ No training in software necessary
+ Online support for hardware and software included
+ Transponders can be issued to employees and visitors using a simple list, even on paper.

No training required
+ No transfer of personal data to third parties. Lists with the assignment of the anonymous transponder ID to the person remain in the facility

Advantages of the TAVI system ...

for employees and visitors

+ The only requirement is to carry the transponder
+ The UHF technology used works without contact. Employees do not have to scan a chip card or keep lists
+ Hygienically harmless
+ Transponders also work under protective equipment
+ Independence from smartphones, GPS reception and battery life


TAVI and data protection

The tracing of employees and visitors is a type of monitoring that is viewed very critically, and not without reason.
For this reason, data economy and GDPR compliance were one of the design goals of our system from the start. The data is only saved under the unique and initially anonymous transponder ID.
It is the responsibility of each individual user to use the transponder ID as a pseudonym to create a
to enable subsequent assignment to a person, provided that there has been contact with an infection risk.
The transponder ID can easily be used in existing systems such as personnel or patient administration and visitor lists
must be noted as it is a simple alphanumeric identifier. Also a particularly secure storage,
Access restrictions for de-pseudonymization or other necessary measures are therefore easier and faster
to implement. This significantly simplifies the weighing of interests for introducing tracing, and action can be taken immediately without lengthy checks.