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Zebra ZC10L large format printer

The ZC10L printer is specially tailored to the needs of events and is the only one

Large format printer that can print cards in color right up to the edge in one pass.

Create customized, large-format IDs, cards and tickets in color on site for sports and other events, concerts or festivals - in one printing process.

Create photo-quality borderless cards. Since the cards are printed on demand, they can be tailored to the individual visitor.

With a resolution of 300 dpi, the ZC10L prints cards with images in first-class photo quality, bright colors and razor-sharp text.

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Consumable kits sold only for the ZC10L contain 400 cards with matching rolls of ribbon. Your ribbon and cards will be used up at the same time. Remaining stocks or discrepancies in consumables are avoided.


Customers can also order Zebra's black monochrome ribbon to customize the back of cards with “small print” notices. Genuine Zebra consumables meet strict quality standards.


Our consumables deliver consistent results with every print job and minimize wear and tear on important printer components - the result is lower overall maintenance costs.

Offer guests an impressive experience

88.00 mm

140.00 mm

Avoid waste and problems

Large events are associated with a high level of planning and logistics. Make your work easier. Thanks to the large format printer ZC10L from Zebra, you no longer need to pre-order and catalog partially pre-printed ID cards and tickets for visitors. In addition, waste is avoided as there are no unusable cards left after events. 


Print cards in color without borders in one step

Zebra's ZC10L is the only large format direct-to-card printer that can print full-color cards to the edge in a single print. Partly preprinted cards are therefore superfluous. On the back of cards, you can use Zebra's black monochrome ribbon to print visitor instructions or “small print” notices.

Experience first-class photo quality

Create visually appealing cards with high quality designs. As a modified 300 dpi photo printer, the ZC10L offers outstanding image quality, especially for graphics and photos that are printed as backgrounds. Unlock new sources of income by including sponsor logos and advertising. Thanks to impressive pictures and graphics, your ID cards are no longer just a means to an end, but serve as souvenirs for visitors long after the event.

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